Next Generation Leaders

The Equinox Next Generation Leaders Programme is a three-month training programme that aims to empower young people to become strong advocates for racial justice and to make meaningful change.

meet Our 2021 Cohort

Adel Khelifi

My name is Adel Khelifi and I am a Belgian citizen of Tunisian descent, who for the past years has been active with student activism, as well as theatre and writing. I’m interested in themes such as anti-racism, representation politics, reproductive theory, LGBTQ+ issues and the building of mass movements through solidarity.

Augustin Grasdepot

Weyo, my name is Augustin Grasdepot and I am a 19-year-old graphic design student living in Berlin. I am French with German and Cameroonian origins and have lived in Cameroon and all around Europe. I enjoy skateboarding, playing rugby, music and particularly working on different creative projects, as they allow me to express myself. As a man, designer and artist, I aim to have a positive impact on the world.

Kenya van de Loo

My name is Kenya van de Loo, I am a second-year European Public Health student at Maastricht University and I aim to devote my career towards helping social justice issues, particularly in the field of health. Being half-Dutch, half-Haitian, and born in the United States, I am motivated by problems taking place on a global level, such as climate change and racial injustice and discrimination.

Noor Alamery

My name is Noor Alamery. I was born in Baghdad, Iraq, but fled to Switzerland in early 2019. I am an activist in Bern where I lead and coordinate political movements like Frauenstreik (Women’s strike), Project VoCHabular (a book bank for refugees), and the “access to university” campaign of the Racial Justice Student Collective.

Swasthika Anand

My name is Swasthika Anand and I am passionate about intersectional racial justice work. Having organised several committees and protests aimed at racial and environmental justice, I have acquired a growing network and set of tools that could help me fight for justice. I am determined to help create a world where anti-racist practices are part of the norm.

Zohra Bibi

My name is Zohra Bibi, I am 23 years old and I am passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals. I am committed to equal opportunities and the fight against racial discrimination. I actively believe in the socio-economic empowerment of young girls.