Our coalition

Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

We promote the leadership of racialised communities as experts on racial justice in all areas of policy.

Our coalition of racial and social justice leaders, organisations and future leaders are united in the belief that our communities are affected by common obstacles and that solidarity is key to achieve change to help all communities.

Our coalition members lead efforts to achieve equality and justice for communities across Europe. They advocate for equal rights to social welfare, housing and protection for migrants and racialised people; justice and accountability in the face of  police brutality and institutional racism; climate justice, and for the rights of women, queer and trans communities, sex workers, undocumented people, people with disabilities and religious minorities throughout Europe.

Our Community Agreement

Our coalition rejects all forms of oppression and commits to contesting them in our communities and movements. 

We believe that we have to pay specific attention to the rights of those at the margins of our communities, including LGBTIQ communities, women, persons with disabilities, people without documents, working class, unemployed and precariously employed people, youth, older people, and religious minorities.

Our coalition works  according to a community agreement.